Mowing drum

RADON mowing drum for the toughest jobs

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Mowing drum

Smooth running and durability

Drum mower cross-section COMP v004 2000px

All mowing drums are driven with equal force via the robust hexagonal shaft, achieving a lasting reduction in wear. The spiral bevel gears with Gleason spiral toothing run in a lifetime oil bath and thus ensure maximum smooth running.

Maximum stability

The main load area is supported at three points, the sliding plates at two points.

Maintenance-friendly design

KM 225 det print gr2016 1000px

FELLA mowing drums are flange-mounted and bolted on instead of welded on. The bolted connections are easily accessible from the outside and the complete design follows a logical modular system. This guarantees quick dismantling and repair of the power train and reduces downtimes.

Bolted, two-piece, revolving sliding plates

KM 3140 FP V machine COMP v002 1000px

The revolving sliding plates slide over uneven ground, instead of slipping, and, as a result, suffer less wear. In addition, this prevents mounds of soil and forage from building up, protects the sward and significantly reduces forage contamination. Since the sliding plate and the drum are fastened independently, removal is quick and easy if either of them have worn out.

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