313 Trans-KC - 313 Trans-RC

  • Extremely low-drag
  • Centrally pivoted drawbar
  • Perfect quality of cut thanks to the cutter bar with compact angular gear

Special features of the series

Flexible with centrally pivoted drawbar

038 swivelling range COMP v001The machine is particularly characterised by its ease of handling and superb agility. The mower can be pivoted behind the tractor, both to the left and right.

Extremely low-drag thanks to the headstock with trailing linkage

038 lifting height SM 313 KC COMP A v001The towing point positioned well towards the front of the headstock with trailing linkage allows the cutter bar to glide easily over any surface. This not only protects the sward but also saves fuel.

Sufficient ground clearance

038 lifting height SM 313 KC COMP A v001The large vertical travel range makes driving over any swaths problem-free, since the majority of the weight is borne by the chassis. This reduces the impact on the tractor and protects the sward.

Technical specifications

Machine RAMOS 313 Trans-KC RAMOS 313 Trans-RC
Mounting category CAT. II CAT. II CAT.
Working width approx. 3000 mm 3000 mm
Tyres 10.0/75-15.3 10.0/75-15.3
Weight approx. 1945 kg 1962 kg
Blades per disc 2 2
Power demand approx. 90 hp 90 hp
Mower discs 6 6
Swath width approx. 900- 2250 mm 1550-1900 mm
Transport width approx. 3000 mm 3000 mm
Transport length approx. 7000 mm 7000 mm
PTO rpm 1000 rpm 1000 rpm
of which with conveyor wings 2

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