3060 TL-KC - 3570 TL-KC

Special features of the series

Low-drag thanks to intelligent hitch attachment

SM 4080 TL use 035 middle attachment

The mower units mounted at the centre of gravity relieve the lifting arms, ensure excellent ground adaptation and save fuel as a result of uniform contact pressure.

Optimum guidance of the cutter bar thanks to the FELLA slide track

Slide track S.31 IC3

The patented FELLA slide track provides optimum stability and guidance of the cutter bar both longitudinally and transversely. This relieves the load on the mower's lifting arm and allows for even better ground adaptation.

The mower is protected by an impact guard system

SM 3570 TL KC impact guard print gr2016 2000px

The mower is optimally protected thanks to the precisely adjustable release force on the brackets. A double-acting hydraulic cylinder returns the mower to the working position when the working position is activated from the tractor cab.

Tools and spare blades always at hand

SM 3060 TL KC tool box pivoting gearbox TL

The spacious tool box is fitted on the headstock of the mower for easy access. This means that spare blades and/or tools are always within reach.

Conditioners – the faster way to produce your high-quality forage

SM 3060 TL RC process graphic tine rotor conditioner COMP 1000pxSM 3060 TL RC process graphic roller conditioner COMP 1000px

The rear-mounted mowers can be ordered with an optional tine-rotor or roller conditioner.


Technical specifications

Machine RAMOS 3060 TL-KC RAMOS 3060 TL-RC RAMOS 3570 TL-KC
Mounting category CAT. II+III CAT. II+III CAT. II+III CAT.
Working width approx. 3000 mm 3000 mm 3500 mm
Weight approx. 1150 kg 1210 kg 1280 kg
Blades per disc 2 2 2
Power demand approx. 86 hp 83 hp 74 kW
Mower discs 6 6 7
Swath width approx. 1200 - 2300 mm 1200 - 1900 mm 1600 - 3250 mm
Transport width approx. 2300 mm 2300 mm 2300 mm
Transport length approx. 4650 mm 4650 mm 5150 mm
PTO rpm 1000 rpm 1000 rpm 1000 rpm
of which with conveyor wings 2

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