310 FZ

  • Extremely low-drag thanks to towing point positioned well towards the front
  • Optimum ground adaptation thanks to large pivot travel
  • Built for the toughest of applications with a power train supported at numerous points

Special features of the series

Optimum ground adaptation

Ground adaptation elevation COMP v001 1000pxThe cutter bar pick-up at the outermost points of the overhead support frame enables very large pivot travel. Together with parallel adaptation, FZ mowers guarantee optimal ground adaptation, have a low impact on the sward and thus ensure high-quality forage with no forage contamination.

Extremely low-drag thanks to the headstock with sensing swing arms

Ground adaptation flat COMP v001 1000pxThe towing point positioned well towards the front of the headstock with sensing swing arms allows the cutter bar to glide easily over any surface. This not only protects the sward but also saves fuel.

Three-dimensional sensing of the ground contours

Headstock with trailing linkage transverse pivot movement COMP v002 1000pxThe RADON 310 FZ drum mower offers the largest possible pivot travel up to 25% inclination and ensures outstanding ground adaptation, even under the most difficult harvesting conditions.

Technical specifications

Machine RADON 310 FZ
Mounting category CAT. II CAT.
Working width approx. 3060 mm
Weight approx. 910 kg
Blades per drum 3
Power demand approx. 75 hp
Mower drums 4
Swath width approx. 1100-1350 mm
Transport width approx. 3000 mm
Transport length approx. 1390 mm
PTO rpm 1000 rpm

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